How To Become A Succesful Full-time Fashion, Travel Or Lifestyle Blogger

How to create killer content, avoid the mistakes that stunt your growth, grow a following quickly, and collaborate with your favourite brands.

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Do you dream of starting a fashion, travel or lifestyle blog but just don't know where to start? Are you struggling to get people to follow your blog and Instagram? Starting a blog is the best way to launch your creative career without any barriers to entry. Learn how to create killer content, avoid the mistakes that stunt your growth, grow a following quickly, and collaborate with your favourite brands.

Core program course contents

Track down your tribe and kill 'em with your content

  • How to pinpoint exactly who you want to read your blog and speak directly to them
  • The one thing that will set your blog apart from day one
  • How to cultivate an audience that is loyal to your blog
  • How to create the best content of the highest quality
  • How to make sure each blog post is of value to your audience
  • The one strategy secret that will leave your audience in awe of you and your blog

How to easily design a killer blog

  • Step by step guide on how to purchase your domain and hosting
  • Learn how to set up your blog using
  • Choosing a theme that best serves your content
  • The difference between free, premium and custom themes
  • How to keep your costs down but keep your blog looking unique

Your blog is only as good as its photography

  • All the equipment you need to produce top quality photos
  • The secret to the sharp photos with blurred backgrounds
  • Locations will make or break your photo
  • Nailing the emotional context of an image
  • The best way to edit your photos

How to triple your blog traffic immediately

  • How to use social media to grow your blog traffic
  • How to title your blog posts such that they increase your traffic
  • The power of building an email list
  • Study your Google Analytics and take action based on your findings
  • How to use giveaways and lead magnets to increase your blog traffic
  • Are paid ads worth it for driving traffic to your blog?

How to constantly grow your social media following

  • How to track your Instagram success and take your strategy to the next level
  • Instagram strategy: what to post and how often
  • How I got 10,000 Instagram followers in 3 months and how you can achieve similar results
  • How to build a Twitter community that trusts and supports you
  • How to build social profiles that make people click through to your blog
  • The social media platforms that you should focus on most based on your lifestyle blog type
  • Do social media giveaways really work for growing your followers?

How to monetise your blog

  • The different ways that you can monetize your blog and which you should use
  • How to get brand collaborations
  • When to consider leaving your full-time job to blog full time
  • The seasons when you can monetize your blog the most and how to prepare for them

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  • Become part of our private blogger community (£299 value)
  • Learn the success secrets nobody else will tell you. (£99 value)
  • Discover how to balance a full-time blog and a job. (£99 value)
  • Learn the confidence and mindset you will need to succeed in blogging. (£299 value)

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